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Weston Pediatric Physicians Vaccine Policy

All children and young adults should receive the recommended vaccines based on the guidelines provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC. The recommended vaccines are safe and effective in preventing serious disease, disability, health complications and death in children and young adults. Regular vaccinations of children and young adults is one of the most important disease prevention actions we offer as health care providers, and that you can support for your children.

We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns about vaccines at your child’s next well visit.


Childhood Immunization and Routine Screening Schedule

Birth: Hep B

2 months: Pentacel (Dtap,HIB,IPV)/Prevnar/Hep B/Rotateq

4 months: Pentacel(Dtap,HIB,IPV)/Prevnar/Rotateq

6 months: Pentacel(Dtap,HIB,IPV)/Prevnar/Rotateq

9 months: Hep B

12 months: Hep A/MMRV/Hgb/Pb

15 months: Prevnar/Spot Vision

18 months: DTaP/HIB/Hep A

2 years: Hgb/Pb/Spot Vision

3 years: Hgb/Pb/Spot Vision

4 years: Kinrix(DTaP/IPV)/MMRV/Spot Vision

5 years: Hearing/Vision

10 years: Lipid Screen

11 years/6th grade: Tdap/Menactra/HPV9 (per MD)

16 years: Menactra/Trumenba (Men B)

17 – 26 Years: Td/Lipid Screen/Urine-GC/Chlam

Updated: October 12/2022