About Weston Pediatrics

image-aboutWeston Pediatric Physicians was established in 1964 in Weston, Massachusetts. Located about 30 minutes west of Boston, it consists of six board certified pediatricians: Dr. Shelly C. Bernstein, Dr. Joshua Gundersheimer, Dr. Robert H. Andler, Dr. Colleen Brownell-Krupat, Dr. Katherine M. Bui and Dr. Rosemarie Dieffenbach.

Weston Pediatric Physicians is fortunate to have a highly skilled pediatric nurse practitioner, Karen Ashworth, working in collaboration with our physicians to provide excellent health care to your children.

Weston Pediatrics also has outstanding registered nurses who are trained in telephone triage, immunization and medication administration in addition to a capable and supportive secretarial staff.

Weston Pediatrics provides care for children from birth through adolescence, including behavioral, developmental and gynecologic issues.

Weston Pediatrics is a proud member of Affiliated Pediatric Practices.

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